When Adina Armstrong, of Red Deer, Alberta, first met her husband, Steve, he was already three years into his Primerica business and told her that he had one rule about their relationship.  “Steve told me I needed to be involved in Primerica because it would allow us to achieve all of our goals together,” recalls Adina.  “That sounded way better than my retail management job.  The catch was that I didn’t really want to do the business.  So he invited me out to dinner and a movie … and forgot to mention we were going to an office event first!”

That night convinced Adina to give the business a shot.  She says that even through the licensing and training process she was still skeptical.  “Steve told me, ‘take me to someone you think has it all together financially,’ so I took him on an appointment with one of my friends who I thought was doing great,” says Adina.  “When we got there, I found out how wrong I’d been.  The couple had five kids, were on the verge of divorce and financial ruin because of credit card debt.  When I saw how we were able to help them free up $1,800 each month in debt payments, help them to become properly protected with term life insurance and start saving for the future, that changed everything for me.  How could I quit the business after I had a hand in saving someone’s future and marriage?”

Today, the flexibility of Primerica’s business model allows Adina to spend her time helping families and building their business while Steve enjoys being a full-time dad to their two children.  “Primerica has given us freedom and choices in life,” enthuses Adina.  “Steve and I switched roles several years ago so he could spend more time with our two children. What a great blessing it is for our kids and for him that they get to have so much time together!  I don’t know many other fathers who get to do everything with their children.  But our Primerica business has given us the opportunity to choose how we run our business – and our family life.”