“I joined Primerica in 1989 when I lived in California. My husband and I owned a bread distribution company and we worked with Primerica part-time, never making a serious commitment. Things changed when we attended the 1997 convention in St. Louis. We had our defining moment. There, we made a serious commitment to explode our business. We returned from the convention and sold our bread distribution business. We made $150,000 a year with our old business, but had no freedom. Although we were only making $30,000 when we went full-time with Primerica, we had freedom. We laid it all on the line to win.

“When I went full-time, I decided to expand into my home island of Kauai, Hawaii, a place that was truly in my heart. I would fly to Hawaii once a month, spending two weeks in Hawaii and two weeks at home in California. It wasn’t easy getting on that plane and leaving my family, but I didn’t focus on the present — I focused on where we wanted to go. We got our reward: two years later we had an income that allowed our family to relocate to Hawaii permanently. It’s not always going to be easy, but you have to keep fighting and keep moving forward. In this business, it’s not about me; it’s about winning for my family.”

Primerica : Irene Brackenridge