Choosing Freedom
For Lourdes Suarez, of Mississauga, Ontario, becoming a Primerica entrepreneur was an easy choice.  “I loved the business model – no large capital investment to start and success is based entirely on the time and effort you put into it,” explains Lourdes.  “There’s no inventory to maintain, you don’t have to do the type of market research you’d have to if you were going to open a franchise or some other type of retail business.”

She adds, “Not only that, but at Primerica there are no territory restrictions, yet you have unlimited income potential.  The system for success is already in place.  You just have to plug into it.”

Growing Up Together
Through the years, as her family grew up, so did her business.  “Because of my Primerica income, my husband, Lino, and I have paid for our children’s education,” Lourdes explains.  “We’ve traveled together.  We live in our dream home.  We have the freedom of time to live our lives how we want to.  Everything about our life is different now than it would have been if we hadn’t found this business.”

Dream Life
Today, Lourdes says she and her family are living an amazing life – and operating a strong, growing business that works even when they aren’t physically there.  “I have a son, a daughter and a grandson,” Lourdes smiles.  “Because I have built a strong business that makes money even when I am not there, I can spend time with the people I care about the most.  My daughter works with me in the business and my husband is retired and able to enjoy his time.  This business made living the life of our dreams worry free.”