A Dramatic Change
When Diane Triolo, of Paramus, NJ, first heard about the Primerica opportunity, she wasn’t initially interested.  But a persistent friend finally convinced her to give the part-time opportunity* a try – a decision that changed her life dramatically. 

“When I first joined, my goal was to earn enough money so I could open a gym,” says Diane.  “I was teaching aerobics on the side at the time and I saw Primerica as a way to make the income I’d need to go ahead with those plans.  But as I learned more about the business and got out in front of families I fell in love with helping people!”

Soon, Diane began to do well enough with her Primerica business that she went full-time and began to be recognized for her achievements – something that really motivated her to keep building it big.

Family First
A few years into the business she shares with her husband, Michael, another life-changing opportunity arose.  “We adopted two boys – one four years old and the other two years old,” says Diane.  “The older boy had been unloved, abused and neglected and came to us mentally damaged with a lot of illnesses related to malnourishment.”

She continues, “They both needed me – and because of the freedom we had through our Primerica business, we still earned a six-figure income** while I took two years away from our business to focus on nurturing our kids as a full‑time mom.  It took a long time, but our oldest is now 10 years old and they’re both doing great!”

Have It All
In the corporate environment, it can be challenging as a woman to “have it all.”  Many times women find themselves having to choose between a paycheck and quality time with their family.  But Primerica gives women (and men) the chance to build a business on their own terms.  “At Primerica, you really can have it all,” says Diane.  “This business offers women so much potential to both be moms and career women at the same time!”

*In Canada, the part time opportunity is not available in all jurisdictions and, where it is available, is subject to certain restrictions. **As of June 2013. From January 1 through December 31, 2012, Primerica paid a total of $509,227,049 in compensation to its sales force, at an average of $5,513 per life licensed representative. Actual gross cash flow is, among other factors, dependent upon the size and scale of a representative’s organization, the number of sales and the override spread on each sale, and the ability and efforts of a representative and their downlines. Having said this, Primerica provides an opportunity for individuals who work hard to develop a business with unlimited income potential.