Making an Impact
Like a lot of women, Cindy Kicklighter wanted to do something meaningful with her life – to feel like her hard work made an impact on those around her.  Her job as a computer programmer wasn’t really cutting it, so she started looking for other opportunities.  “I wanted a business that really made a difference in the lives of others,” recalls Cindy.  “All the other business opportunities I’d been exposed to made some money but really did not change the life of the client.  When I found Primerica, I was fascinated by the education this company provides to its clients – and motivated by the financial impact I saw that I could make in the lives of others.”

Build to Own
Cindy was already on board with what she’d be doing as a Primerica representative, but it was the potential she saw for her future that really got her excited about becoming an entrepreneur.  “Most businesses only financially benefit the owner or the person building the business,” Cindy explains.  “But at Primerica, what we do has far‑reaching benefits – for ourselves, our team AND our clients.”

She continues, “The reason I chose Primerica is because here, I had the chance not only to own my own business and help families, but also to help my teammates become owners, too.*  I never wanted someone to work for me, like in a job.  I wanted to let others have a chance to have the same opportunity for ownership that I had.  Primerica has allowed me to help others create ownership for themselves.”

Freedom and Flexibility
Today, Cindy and her husband, Brian, have four children and are on the way to becoming eligible for full ownership through Primerica.  But it’s not just the business successes Cindy is proud of – it’s all the personal benefits she’s experienced because of her business.  “Because of Primerica, and the influence of those leaders I’ve had around me, my mind is so much more open to my dreams, to the possibilities I see for my family’s future, for new business ideas and new mountains to climb,” Cindy enthuses.  “The way I think about my business has also transferred into my personal life and how Brian and I are raising our kids.  The income and flexibility we have as Regional Vice Presidents has allowed us to spend whatever time we want to with our kids.  That, to us, is worth more than anything.”

She adds, “We see so many families who never have time to be together, so many parents who have to sacrifice time with their kids so they can go to a job – to work for someone elses’ benefit – that pays them so much less than they’re worth.  I am so thankful that I was willing to do the work to build a Primerica business because today I have choices as a mother, a wife and a business woman.  This business has truly changed my life!”

*The Ownership Program is subject to terms, conditions and applicable regulatory requirements.  Please see POL for the Ownership Program documents and policies, which control in all respects.